Friday, February 29, 2008

Wouldn't you love to have this albatross?

The Cininnati Chili execs have come to believe they found the reason for the current six game slide. Nope... it's not bad pitching..... and hey... they still have great hitting.... it's ....JESSICA SIMPSON!!!!!

Yes, the one time doomsday vixen for Tony Romo and the Cowboys has now worked her jinx magic on the Chili. The National Enquirer will soon publish photos of our girl Jess and starting pitcher Timo Mori (0-6 7.43 ERA) coming out of an exclusive Japanese sushi bar/karoke club in the late hours of the night. While Mori was trying to hide from the photogs... Jess was heard to exclaim "Who said Japanese guys are small.... and hell yeah, Timo can toss that spitter all night long".

RsCaramelo, the Chili executive GM was unavailable for comment.

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