Monday, February 25, 2008

A stroll down memory lane......

Whatever happened to the top five picks from last draft.....

1)HOU Juan Benitez (18yo P) given 4MIL bonus
After signing his contract, Juan proved almost immediate success for the Houston franchise. Last year in the RL he posted a 3-1 1.82 which got him a promotion to Lo-A where he posted 3-0 4.01. This year he's in Hi-A and is currently 5-0 2.54 ERA. GRADE A

2)BOS Trent Cairncross (18yo SS) given 5MIL bonus
Trent started with a flourish in the RL last year posting monster numbers (.393 6 27). After his promotion to Lo-A he showed it was no fluke posting .313 4 17. This year in Hi-A he once again is showing muscle (.341 10 44) GRADE A

3)HON Frank Cornelius (21yo CF) given 4.8MIL bonus
Following the top two picks in the draft Frank also did split time with RL and Lo-A last season. In the RL he showed great power in 34 games hitting .423 11 53 earning his bus ticket to Lo-A. There he only took it upon himself to post equal numbers (.324 11 43). This year he finds himself opening at Hi-A where 36 games into his season he's ONLY hitting .373 11 36. GRADE A

4)CIN Talmadge Logan (18yo P) given 3.7MIL bonus
Logan spent the entire year last season in RL where control seems to have eluded him (26 W 19SO). It was a frustrating year that saw him finish with a 0-2 6.94 record. Opening this season at Lo-A, he showed much improvement posting 1-1 2.12 in four starts, thus earning a trip to AA, where he's back to form (0-2 8.44). Cincinnati management has stated that he's still a young man trying to find himself within the rigors of the season. GRADE C-

5)MNT Lazy Doster (20yo P) given 3.6MIL bonus
Doster gave to the Monterrey franchise with high expectations, and the GM said that he was going to be brought along slowly to keep him fresh. Last season at the RL level he posted a 6-7 5.64 record in 21 starts. Showing signs of a powerful fastball also showed weakness in his SO vs. W ratio. He opens the season this year at AA where in 6 starts he's 2-3 with a 3.94 ERA. GRADE C

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