Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This post brought to you by UHAUL.....

Boston and Detroit decided that it was time to swap some minor leaguers (possibly building for the future?).

Mike Marte joins Boston's AAA club bringing a .295 9 32 while Edgar James joins Detroit at the big league level (.277 10 55 in season 5 AA).

Meanwhile, Toronto continues to drop high priced veterans in search for younger prospects to continue the winning tradition. Leaving Toronto for Wichita ( don't pack a winter coat) is Derek Peterson (.750 1 4) joining Wichita's big club. Applying for work visas are Turner Martin (.231 2 20); Pep Leary (.380 8 21); and Pat Radlosky ( 1-3 4.98). Martin and Leary stay in AA while Radlosky moves up to AAA.

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