Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Team Outlooks for Season 13

90-72 .556 2nd in AL EAST
5 YR Trend 410-400 .506

Baltimore has never been higher than 2nd in the last five years.  Their teams have been solid and always seem to falter mid season before trying to make monster comebacks.  Looking at the average age on the roster, you'd think that the local social security office was getting all relavant paperwork ready for most of the Orioles.  Matty Davis (13-11 4.41), Eddie Mayne (12-12 4.51), and  Matt Thomson (13-13 4.49) are going to be the workhorses of this pitching staff.  A combined 97 starts from these three show that if one or two go down with injury the team could actually be crippled.

On the batting side of this team ne FA signee Craig O'Brien (.318 23 85) comes aboard to try and not only play magician in terms of pitch calling, but add his bat to a lineup that rivals the fabled New York Yankees.  Eddie Adkinson, Jose Barcelo, Farmer Durham all hit over 45 HR and 120 RBI.  When asked to comment on the team's hopes pawelczyk was opptomistic. " We have a solid core on the field, and if our pitching can come around, and our team can somehow play through June, July and August, we might have something for our fans to happy about come playoff time."

Team Outlooks for Season 13

81-81 .500 1st in NL WEST
5YR. Trend  442-368 .545

Arizona has been at the top of the NL West three out of the last five years.  A poor .500 record was enough last season to take the division and GM bretrogers looks to improve on that mark. The pitching staff took a big hit when FA Trenidad Bennet (17-9 3.79) was allowed to leave.  Dick Pierce (8-8 4.62) must now step up to lead a pitching staff that includes Edgar Lugo (10-11 4.90) and Bobby Marshall (9-8 5.26). With a team ERA of 5.26 last season new PC Ryan Belhorn must squeeze juice from an almost dry lemon.

On the offensive side Rigo Figureoa ( .266 48 112) and Frank Cornelius (.280 37 90) have got to carry the burden of run producing once again this season.  If Candy Paronto can get on base consistently (39 SB) then maybe the plan of long ball run producing can work.

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