Monday, February 25, 2008


Last week I received a call from a friend's wife. It seems that her husband, who did his best to call her every night and reassure her that he was safe and fine, missed two calls in a row. I emailed him almost constantly, not only because he was co-GM of my team here but he also ran a couple of my "other" teams in other leagues. I to, didn't get any messages.

Sgt. Bradley Skelton, 40, died of injuries sustained from an explosive device in Iraq. I bring this up because Brad was always a friend, baseball nut, and best bud when you needed it. He had an infectious laugh and was constantly needling me on some of the roster moves I made. Brad looked forward to coming home, actually being able to join in a league I had a team in, and kick my ass to prove that I should have stayed in soccer.

Freedom brings sacrifice.... friendship brings heartache.....loss brings sorrow.....

God bless Brad and all the others who gave all

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