Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1. 13 tied with 2
2. 12 tied with 1

1.Barry Uribe (NY2) 0.00
2. Bryan Ball (DET) 0.75
3. Livian Manuel (HOU) 0.93
4. Benito Gonzales (CHY) 1.00
5. Quilvio Pineda (NAS) 1.38

Miguel Borbon (MC) 5/5

Batting Leaders NL

1. 9 tied with 4
2. 12 tied with 3
3. 3 tied with 2

1. Tony Merced (NY2) 15
2. 3 tied with 12
3. 6 tied with 11
4. 8 tied with 10
5. 3 tied with 9

1. Shooter Munro (NY2) .528
2. Xavier Davis (WIC) .520
3. Steve Garcia (TOR) .500
4. Lou Cooper (MON) .486
5. Robert Faulkner (IA) .485

NL North Preview

Last years NL North division winner still looks to be the class of the division. While hampered by some key losses over the off season, Detroit managed to bring in some quality players to hopefully keep this storied franchise in winning mode.
KEY LOSSES: Joe Decker (1-1 2.84 4 SVS)
Mateo Diaz (5.40 ERA)
KEY ADDITIONS: Wally Kent (8-9 3.04)

Toronto finished second last year, and GM sportsboy is not happy about it. "We had a couple of bad streaks including the dropping of our final 4 games, that killed us. We aren't going to let that happen again this year."
KEY LOSSES: Dan Justice (.279 26 87)
Onan Ming
KEY ADDITIONS : Robert Ulrich ( left via FA but resigned)

Scranton all but had third place sewn up in this top division last year. With Toronto and Detroit looking to fight it out again this year, Scranton must pretty much settle for third again. Their only hope is that major injuries occur to the top two and that many of their players have career years at once.
Ryan Charles
KEY ADDITIONS: Angel Lugo (acq in trade with BOS)
Danys Barrios (FA signing)

MONTREAL TRAIN WRECK (64-98 as Helena Nobodies)
Somebody has to ride in the caboose and new GM dabears2334 will have to bring loads of magic dust to even think about touching third in the division. The good news is that there is no pressure on the franchise which means low expectations bring greater surprises. The bad news is that being buried behind Detroit and Toronto seems to be the norm.
KEY LOSSES : Aaron Blair (.307 18 101 in AAA)
KEY ADDITIONS : No new players but all arbitration eligible resigned.


Toronto 98-64
Detroit 97-65
Scranton 75-87
Montreal 53-109

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

With the greatest thanks.....

"..... And as we mourn those who gave all, we must give thanks to those who took their place. Those who came to help, offer support, and those who braved the dangers to keep the torch of freedon alive......."
Rudy Guliani , Sept. 13, 2001
I will take this time to thank all of you who passed on your love and regrets about my mother-in-law passing on April 20. My wife, who only knows you all as those &*^%$$#^ who keep beating me passes on her thanks also.
MADMULDOON who is a friend from the Wailing Onions world, is the closest thing to the type of owner we always look for in this world. He sitemailed me almost immediatly and offered to babysit my teams while I had to get through this difficult situation. I can never thank him enough, and I will always be indebted to him for his kindness and patience. I ask all of you to drop him a line and thank him for his generosity.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Changes!!

Yes, we are back. After successfully fighting off a takeover bid by the unscrupulous Rupert Murdoch, we here at the Ducksnort Gazzette are back.

This season our goals are simple.
1) Provide important news to our league.
2) Provide some inside thoughts on what happens in the league.
3) Keep the league news fun yet informative.
4) Keep the quality high while trying to keep our team out of the cellar.

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