Friday, February 29, 2008

Rice Wars II..... Revenge of the Redsox

FENWAY PARK, BOSTON MA.- Following accusations by the Syracuse and the Vancouver franchises of cheating by the Redsox, Genghisxcon, (pictured here)

held a press conference in the stuffy confines of Fenway Park to address the situation. Below is the response that he read.....

"It has been brought to the league commisioner's office that Boston has been accused of cheating over the last week. The commisioner, seeing that the integrity of the league is at stake has named Mr. Simpson to be the special prosecutor and lead investigator of the charges. We have sent notice to Mr. Simpson that we intend to fully co-operate in this witch hunt, and that if it comes to a conclusion of anything other than pure nonsense, we will have no choice but to shrink his head."

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