Monday, March 17, 2008

You take evens, I'll take ODDS......

We recently chatted with Tony (Da Nose) Ciglaterri, a (ahem) noted Las Vegas odds maker about what he sees in the RnL League for the series. As you can see, he was more than happy to tell us what the odds makers in Vegas are dropping cash at......

Syracuse Orange Sherbets 5-3
Detroit Numbnuts 3-2
Toronto Argonauts 2-1
Salem HammerJacks 4-1
Huntington Mountaineers 6-1
Vancouver Canadians 8-1
Washington D.C. Capital City Caps 10-1
Columbus Corrupt Congressmen 15-1
Jackson Jakkers 18-1
Fresno Faith 18-1
Durham DOGZ 20-1
Toledo Turtles 20-1
Wichita Jay Hawks 25-1
Cheyenne Vice Presidents 25-1
New York Chop Shops 40-1
Louisville loosers 50-1
Kansas City Masterpiece 50-1
San Diego Baby Seals 50-1
Baltimore Orioles 50-1
Mexico City Gigante Sombreros 55-1
Pittsburgh Panthers 60-1
Boston Red Sox 75-1
Scranton Beetfarmers 80-1
Honolulu Five O's 80-1
Fargo Takedown Kings 80-1
Chicago Banana Slugs 100-1
Charleston Chews 100-1
Oklahoma City Lawmen 150-1
Houston Colt 45's 175-1
Helena Nobodies 200-1
Cincinnati Chili 225-1
Monterrey Desert Dawgs 525-1

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You know your team sucks.....PT. 2

Monterrey - Today Hideo Kim, Monterrey's 3rd round (80th pick overall) after weeks of dancing during negotiations has stated that ice hockey is in his future and not baseball. Monterrey GM Reigny, was quoted coming out of closed door 7 hour last ditch negotiations as saying " We are disappointed. Hideo was asking 1.6 MIL and we came back with 4.5 with immediate assignment to AAA. He unfortunatly thinks that he stands a better chance of higher endorsements through pro hockey. We wish him the best and we must now move on."

Monterrey must have known this outcome was coming as they signed international prospect Ignacio Seguiginol before negotiations broke down.

Monday, March 10, 2008

You know your team sucks......

(Confessions of an owner stuck in limbo)

Recently, in the chat forum, an owner declared that players were available. Looking over the list he provided, and taking a look at his roster, I proposed a trade (or at least some players I felt I could part with). He answered back rather quickly, and of course for about the 30th time this season I heard it again. The franchise is a little bare. The franchis is a little bare..... i.e. your team sucks..... nobody on your team merits looking..... where did you find those guys...... That one response pretty much sums up the season. I can't make any impact trades because I don't have "impact players". Realization struck, and it seems that as the owner of the team I have to say that the draft and escalating salary games with Free Agents will be my only answer. Am I leaving?.... No..... Am I finally realizing that I'm the Kansas City Royals or the Pittsburgh Pirates of the RNL world?.... yes.....

The truth hurts.... but hey.... now the real job of being a GM starts.......

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rookie Impact on the league.......

Some of the exploits of the draftees at their new teams........

Donatello Waner has played in three games with the Oklahoma City Hi-A franchise where he's batting .231 with 0 HR and 4 RBI.

Jaime Roberts gave the Monterrey fans something to hope for when he pitched 5.0 innings and gave up 1 ER with 3 SO. Desert Dawgs GM Reigny was quoted as saying "If he can continue his learning and give us a few more quality starts we might even call him up to the big show for our Sept. drive"

Jerome Sikorski brings a 1-0 4.50 ERA record to this report after tossing an 8.0 inning 4 ER performance. Mr. Sikorski was warmly greeted in his win by 3 dingers given up.

Candy Paronto has appeared in three games for the Lo-A Honolulu team and he's discovering that wooden bats are way different than the aluminum. Without saying he's struggling (he's already dialed 9 once with 3 RBI) he's hitting .167

Please sign on the dotted line.......

One day after the draft and the first round signings are already starting. The reknowned sports representation agency Dewey, Screwem, and Howe has been very busy trying to collect on their percentages for the signings. As reported in here is what we can verify:

1)OK City and Donatello Waner have agreed on a 4MIL signing bonus and he was immediatly shipped to their Hi-A farm club.

2)Houston and Jake Morehead are still negotiating and his agent Abdullah Woodward says that the 3.9MIL bonus while fair, is still a sticking point.

3)Monterrey and Jaime Roberts barely let the ink dry on his 3.82MIL bonus before he was shipped out to AA.

4)Honolulu and Candy Paronto agreed on a 3.72MIL signing and as of press time he's jetting off to the Lo-A franchise to begin his career.

5)Cincinnati and Babe Radinsky still in closed door discussions with inside sources saying that he's looking for a guaranteed 3.6MIL bonus plus invitation to the ML club for spring training. Louis Watson the renowned sports agent looks to be pulling out all the stops on keeping the holdout going.

6)Sam O'Shea representing James Lee and Charleston GM KoruptKings are locked into negotiations on a 3.5MIL signing bonus. O'Shea intends to use his client's DI scholarship offer as a tool in the negotiations. Inside sources at Charleston's front office have said that they can wait out any pick and the ball is in Lee's court.

7)Alex Santiago agreed to a 3.4MIL bonus and eagerly jumped on the plane to the team's RL franchise. Alex has said that he wasn't going to hold out and thinks his best course of action was to get ready for the upcoming season.

8)Johnny Black and Louisville hammered out a 3.3MIL signing bonus minutes after he was drafted. He was shipped out to the RL team and reports say he was greeted as a conquering hero.

9)Nicholas Pagnozzi and Boston agreed on a 3.2MIL contract (he was assigned to the Rookie team) and Nicholas was quoted by Baseball America as saying " I'm happy to be joining this historic franchise. To know that they thought highly of me to make me the no. 1 pick is just awesome. "

10)Mexico City and Jamie Sikorski threw a fiesta grande after he agreed to a 3.1MIL signing bonus. The major sticking point in negotiations was placement after signing and it was eventually agreed by all to start in AA.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who's your daddy......

(Paging Pedro Martinez.... Pedro Martinez..... Mr. Martinez please bring your midget and report to the Toronto franchise......)

Toronto (41-18) meeting Syracuse (49-10). Two franchises that have been the gems of their leagues. Two franchises built like the powerhouse Yankees, modeled after the Oakland/LA/Oakland Raiders "Just Win, Baby" theory. A meeting of epic proportions.....

aw hell..... Syracuse bent Toronto over and slapped their ass like a cheap porn stud doing the 18 yr old wannabe starlet.

Game 1. Syracuse 12 Toronto 0
Junior Malone ('member him, the probable 20 game winner) 2 hit shutout

Game 2 Syracuse 11 Toronto 2
Davey Lee driving in three runs.

Game 3 Syracuse20 Toronto 4
Bruce Lincoln dialing 9 and driving in 7 runs.

Syracuse 43 runs to Toronto scoring 6.

what else can I report..... (goes to find a towel to wipe off after the money shot)

And the Red Lantern Award goes to.....

As in the Iditarod Race we are pleased to award the coveted red lantern to this year's Mr. Irrelevant....

Duffy Jackson

Duffy is 22 years old, B/T right 5'10" 173lbs. He was born in Clayton NY and plays 2B for the Lander University baseball team.

Duffy has the distrinction of being the last pick in this year's draft which reads as

Round: 25 Pick: 813 Team: Syracuse

Calls to his agent Bing Herges provided us with the info that he's seeking a $15,000 signing bonus on top of the MILB salary of $7,650.00 which totals to $22,650.00. Calls to Syracuse GM Ewd have not been returned, but insiders say that Syracuse in all liklihood will not sign him.

Close the window, I feel a DRAFT......

The sixth annual Amateur Draft took place this morning, and we have the first ten picks listed here .

1) OK City. Donatello Waner (20/ss/Muskegon Comm. Coll.) Waner joins OK City and brings a strong arm, with accuracy and power. Slow afoot, he makes up for it in range. Powerful, compact swing, Waner should adjust to the wooden bats and launch some mammouth HRs.

2) HOU Jack Morehead (22/2b/ Yale University) Morehead should provide adequate coverage down the middle, something Houston has been desperatly needed. Not really known for his fielding, his bat is the reason why he's no.2 in this year's draft. Showing great power against BOTH left and right hand pitchers. Look for 20-30 SB a season from him and bringing an AVG of around .290 - .300.

3) MNT Jaime Roberts (22/P/ Southeastern LA ) Roberts brins a wicked fastball that scouts have clocked at the mid 90's. Right now he's got to show he can control his accuracy and his temper needs some work, but with the right coaching and seasoning, he should become a stable 2-3 SP in the rotation.

4)HON Candy Paronto (22/LF/Campbell University). Paronto is a left fielder with some questions concerning his outfield play. Right now he might be considered more of a liability, but the Honolulu staff should be able to help him with his glove. Great batting eye combined with awesome bat strength should provide plenty of bombs for ESPN highlight reels.

5)CIN Babe Radinsky
(22/ss/ Purdue) Radinsky is a true mystery in this top ten. Not ranked anywhere in the top 20 for the position, Cincinnati GM RSCaramelo believes that Radinsky has the tools to make an impact on the franchise. A quick look at Baseball America showed us that Radinsky batted .389 with 12 HRs and 45 RBI while leading the Boilermakers with a .997 fielding pct. and 18 SB.

6)CHR James Lee (18/RF/Washington HS (IA)) Lee is a definite future prospect. Coming out of HS he will need a ton of work on his fielding, but he shows great promise with the bat. His L/R ratio is above average, and his power comes from a short, compact swing. The only mark will be the fact that he goes up to the plate swinging, and with the hitting staff at CHR he should learn to sit back on pitches, and let the count work to his advantage. If signed, he's a 3-4 year player at the earliest.

7)CH1 Alex Santiago (18/P/St. John's Jesuit HS (MI)) Santiago is a 6'3" powerhouse SP. Already possessing 4 great pitches in his arsenal, his only drawback may be his control. If he signs, he probably could bypass the RL and start right in AA. Again the fact of coming out of HS might be a concern with his temper, as he showed the scouts that he can rattle easy. Comparisons have him as a younger Randy Johnson.

8)LOU Johnny Black (22/2B/U of Alabama) Another middle infielder that is a mystery to this reporter. Black seems to have jumped above some of the better rated 2B in this draft. Calls to LOU GM Bradriddell have gone unanswered. USA Today has reported that he's an average fielder, with an average bat, but his attitude makes up for his lack of talent.

9)BOS Nicholas Pagnozzi (18/P/Valley Falls HS (KS)). Pagnozzi comes to the Boston franchise with a 4 pitch arsenal, but the main concern for his managers will be the fact that he's a flyball pitcher. Almost all of his hits will see the outfield and unless he develops pinpoint accuracy in painting the corners, he might be serving up runs galore. On the plus side, his durability should insure between 150 - 200 innings per season.

10)MC Jerome Sikorski (22/P/Tenn. Tech. Univ.) Brings a five pitch arsenal to the game and his velocity has been clocked at the mid to high 90's by scouts. Not afraid to challenge hitters, and will use his fastball to set up a changeup that almost looks like slow motion. Right now lefties have a better chance against him but within 1-2 years, he's going to be a stable 2-3 slot in the ML pitching rotation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gopher Love is in the air.........

[URL=]Fausto Concepcion[/URL]

And our next award this season goes to Fausto Concepcion of the San Diego Baby Seals. It seems that Fausto (1-5 7.91 ERA) has a unique pitching style. It can only be described as a "3/4 overhand delivery style that ends with his upper body twisting and stopping directly behind him with head held upright"..... For those of you who are not baseball scouts..... the boy has tossed 23 Gopher balls into the stands.

Want a cheap gift for the baseball enthusiast in your life? Attend any game Fausto is pitching, buy a centerfield ticket and oh yeah... bring a mitt.


Syracuse.... good team or "blessed".....

The Syracuse Orange Sherbets have amassed an almost unheard of record of 48-9 so far in this season. They seem to be able to win the games that they shouldn't, and it has caused quite a stir in the ownership circles.

Syracuse GM EWD has stated that his team is able to win by pure baseball skills being displayed by the players of this fine franchise. Most would agree that "God" is on his side. You decide... as you can see from this surveilance photo taken by the commisioner's office.... the figure on the left has been identified as Ewd.... the figure on the right... seems to be ...well... God.

Special prosecutor Bart Simpson has vowed (bad choice of word usage for this article) to keep investigating until satisfied.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Beam... Chris Beam....

Chris Beam.... Home against the Monterrey Desert Dawgs. The game before you pitched 6.1 innings and gave up 5 earned runs. You're a 23 yr old pitcher trying to make a name for yourself in the ML. What do you do?..... THROW A NO HITTER.

Chris Beam tossed a beautiful no-no against the Desert Dawgs winning 13-0 on only 89 pitches. With the exception of a first inning error allowing a man on base and a walk in the third, Chris showed remarkable pinpoint accuracy with his pitching.

Monterrey 000 000 000 0 0 0
Salem 322 003 00X 10 13 1

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