Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It happens every spring......

Ah.... spring /summer in Monterrey. For the past three seasons the Desert Dawgs have teased the home crowds with glimpses of winning. Then like a classic Freddie Krueger movie... they viciously rip out our hearts. Case in point (for this season).....

Monterrey opens the season 3-7, rips off a nice 7-3 streak to take over first place in the AL SOUTH with a 10-10 record. Not a powerhouse record by any means but it brought a pride to this sleepy Mexican vacation oasis. The damn Dawgs then go 1-9 and are currently in the midst of a 6 game slide that once again has propelled them into last place.

If the past seasons are any indication, the Dawgs will go on two or three 8-10 winning streaks about mid season, before the eventual 13-15 game slide that dooms them once again.

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