Monday, March 17, 2008

You take evens, I'll take ODDS......

We recently chatted with Tony (Da Nose) Ciglaterri, a (ahem) noted Las Vegas odds maker about what he sees in the RnL League for the series. As you can see, he was more than happy to tell us what the odds makers in Vegas are dropping cash at......

Syracuse Orange Sherbets 5-3
Detroit Numbnuts 3-2
Toronto Argonauts 2-1
Salem HammerJacks 4-1
Huntington Mountaineers 6-1
Vancouver Canadians 8-1
Washington D.C. Capital City Caps 10-1
Columbus Corrupt Congressmen 15-1
Jackson Jakkers 18-1
Fresno Faith 18-1
Durham DOGZ 20-1
Toledo Turtles 20-1
Wichita Jay Hawks 25-1
Cheyenne Vice Presidents 25-1
New York Chop Shops 40-1
Louisville loosers 50-1
Kansas City Masterpiece 50-1
San Diego Baby Seals 50-1
Baltimore Orioles 50-1
Mexico City Gigante Sombreros 55-1
Pittsburgh Panthers 60-1
Boston Red Sox 75-1
Scranton Beetfarmers 80-1
Honolulu Five O's 80-1
Fargo Takedown Kings 80-1
Chicago Banana Slugs 100-1
Charleston Chews 100-1
Oklahoma City Lawmen 150-1
Houston Colt 45's 175-1
Helena Nobodies 200-1
Cincinnati Chili 225-1
Monterrey Desert Dawgs 525-1

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