Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who's your daddy......

(Paging Pedro Martinez.... Pedro Martinez..... Mr. Martinez please bring your midget and report to the Toronto franchise......)

Toronto (41-18) meeting Syracuse (49-10). Two franchises that have been the gems of their leagues. Two franchises built like the powerhouse Yankees, modeled after the Oakland/LA/Oakland Raiders "Just Win, Baby" theory. A meeting of epic proportions.....

aw hell..... Syracuse bent Toronto over and slapped their ass like a cheap porn stud doing the 18 yr old wannabe starlet.

Game 1. Syracuse 12 Toronto 0
Junior Malone ('member him, the probable 20 game winner) 2 hit shutout

Game 2 Syracuse 11 Toronto 2
Davey Lee driving in three runs.

Game 3 Syracuse20 Toronto 4
Bruce Lincoln dialing 9 and driving in 7 runs.

Syracuse 43 runs to Toronto scoring 6.

what else can I report..... (goes to find a towel to wipe off after the money shot)

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