Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And the Red Lantern Award goes to.....

As in the Iditarod Race we are pleased to award the coveted red lantern to this year's Mr. Irrelevant....

Duffy Jackson

Duffy is 22 years old, B/T right 5'10" 173lbs. He was born in Clayton NY and plays 2B for the Lander University baseball team.

Duffy has the distrinction of being the last pick in this year's draft which reads as

Round: 25 Pick: 813 Team: Syracuse

Calls to his agent Bing Herges provided us with the info that he's seeking a $15,000 signing bonus on top of the MILB salary of $7,650.00 which totals to $22,650.00. Calls to Syracuse GM Ewd have not been returned, but insiders say that Syracuse in all liklihood will not sign him.

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