Thursday, March 6, 2008

Please sign on the dotted line.......

One day after the draft and the first round signings are already starting. The reknowned sports representation agency Dewey, Screwem, and Howe has been very busy trying to collect on their percentages for the signings. As reported in here is what we can verify:

1)OK City and Donatello Waner have agreed on a 4MIL signing bonus and he was immediatly shipped to their Hi-A farm club.

2)Houston and Jake Morehead are still negotiating and his agent Abdullah Woodward says that the 3.9MIL bonus while fair, is still a sticking point.

3)Monterrey and Jaime Roberts barely let the ink dry on his 3.82MIL bonus before he was shipped out to AA.

4)Honolulu and Candy Paronto agreed on a 3.72MIL signing and as of press time he's jetting off to the Lo-A franchise to begin his career.

5)Cincinnati and Babe Radinsky still in closed door discussions with inside sources saying that he's looking for a guaranteed 3.6MIL bonus plus invitation to the ML club for spring training. Louis Watson the renowned sports agent looks to be pulling out all the stops on keeping the holdout going.

6)Sam O'Shea representing James Lee and Charleston GM KoruptKings are locked into negotiations on a 3.5MIL signing bonus. O'Shea intends to use his client's DI scholarship offer as a tool in the negotiations. Inside sources at Charleston's front office have said that they can wait out any pick and the ball is in Lee's court.

7)Alex Santiago agreed to a 3.4MIL bonus and eagerly jumped on the plane to the team's RL franchise. Alex has said that he wasn't going to hold out and thinks his best course of action was to get ready for the upcoming season.

8)Johnny Black and Louisville hammered out a 3.3MIL signing bonus minutes after he was drafted. He was shipped out to the RL team and reports say he was greeted as a conquering hero.

9)Nicholas Pagnozzi and Boston agreed on a 3.2MIL contract (he was assigned to the Rookie team) and Nicholas was quoted by Baseball America as saying " I'm happy to be joining this historic franchise. To know that they thought highly of me to make me the no. 1 pick is just awesome. "

10)Mexico City and Jamie Sikorski threw a fiesta grande after he agreed to a 3.1MIL signing bonus. The major sticking point in negotiations was placement after signing and it was eventually agreed by all to start in AA.

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