Monday, February 23, 2009

Season TEN.... The Winds of Revolution

Season ten has come upon us. Revolution has occured. The governing regime has been toppled. The new leadership has begun. All Hail our new commisioner......Douglasdao (pictured here). But how did this happen?... the Ducksnort Gazette has the scoop.

As season nine ended tiskingmoon decided that after a great and highly succesful season, she was going to get some rest and relaxation. After hopping on her private jet and jaunting off to Switzerland, she was seen entering Herr Kipling's Spa and Cosmetic Enhancement Camp. It was then that douglas made his move. Calling in his "new recruits", he shamelessly campaigned for the commish job saying that all teams in his league would have the chance to compete for the crown, not just the rich. At the winter GM meetings (held in beautful Burbank CA at Cliff's Wonderland Hotel, home of the rubber sheets and four hour nap 555-Cal-lCliff), without the slightest whimper, the change was complete.

You may ask who he enlisted to help him in his coup, and although the CIA, NSA, and the National Zoo refused to release their service records, we were able to sneak a quick picture of his companions. They are identified as Madison Lager GM btonn, Cleveland Rocks honcho jimdecrew, and Sacramento Solons boss, greekhero46. (Seen above from left to right ). We welcome our new administration and look forward to many years of solid leadership andultra right wing razzing.

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