Monday, December 8, 2008

(With Apologies to Mr. Obama).... A Season of Change

After eight seasons, EWD has stepped aside as commisioner of the Rice Not Lynn Hardball Dynasty world. As we enter season nine, Tiskingmoon has taken the reigns of leadership.

Ewd was forced to step aside after a "slight" company trip and an exhaustive 36 hour poker game left him the deed and ownership of the World Famous Bunny Ranch brothel (Ewd wanted me to remind you all, mention this post and receive 20% off any service ,excluding anything using whips, chains, or three foot midgets) where the conflict of interest could have reared its ugly head.

Tiskingmoon took it upon herself to declare that season nine "would be a season of hope.... a season of change... no longer would the big payroll teams be looked after..... this is a season for the underdogs.....

Congrats to Ewd for the change of jobs, and welcome Madam Commisioner.
(photos of Tiskingmoon above and Ewd below)

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