Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rice Not Lynn Season EIGHT

It's that time of year again. Spring has come, the grass in our stadiums is mowed, and the freshly painted baselines beckon us to another season of triumph, heartbreak, and general silliness.

RNL is eight years old. I've been a member since season three. Many owners start to jump ship after season five as they feel that the league has pretty much run its course. The difference in our league is that each season brings new challenges, new owners, new friends. Every year we all spend the time building, or updating, or even ripping apart and trying new things on our teams. Every season we live and die with our players. We bring an identity to our franchises. WE LIVE OUR TEAMS.

And that is why we have the best league in this game. We care about it, we take pride in it, and we strive to help each other be the BEST in this game.

Gentlemen, I lift a pint of ale and wish us all a great season..... great fun..... and hopefully the playoff picture doesn't get setled until game 162.

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